In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
Colors and magnetic field


By selecting seven possible colors, the device generates a pulsating electromagnetic field at different frequencies. Use the MEDICUR®color to support regeneration, neurovegetative strengthening and energization.

Quick selection

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Selection of frequencies

Unlike our other small devices, the selection of the program / magnetic field frequency on the MEDICUR®color is not done by assessing and evaluating the situation (e.g. energizing when you are tired or calming when you are excited or have trouble sleeping), but purely by intuitively selecting one or more colors that have their effect in the form of different magnetic field frequencies.

Each color generates a specific frequency. The combination of different colors gives the MEDICUR®color a range of 120 different adjustable frequencies.

The color selection has nothing to do with your favorite color – you may find that the intuitive choice of colors changes over and over again.

Of course, you can check and verify your selection with an appropriate test procedure (tensor, kinesiology, EAV, etc.) – but it has proven to be a good idea to follow your own intuition and trust it.

To use the device, simply place it next to or on yourself (e.g. on your solar plexus) or put it in your pocket - it is about the size of a pack of tissues and has a physiological range of about 80 cm in diameter.

Application for:

  • Regulatory ability
  • neurovegetative strengthening
  • Energization
  • energetic processes

The MEDICUR®color ...

  • combines seven colors in the form of solar frequency spectra with a pulsating magnetic field. Each color selection generates a different frequency. The seven colors can be used individually or in combination (120 possible combinations).
  • With its positive effect on physical and psychological regulation ability, it can be used in psychosomatic, neurovegetative conditions.
  • optimizes and supports proven energetic treatment methods such as chakra treatment, color therapy and acupuncture.
  • Of course, it generates the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum of 7.8 Hz (when the color blue is selected). In addition, the MEDICUR®color always generates the geomagnetic frequencies and the solar frequencies of the respective color(s) selected, regardless of the setting. We call Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies the "biological standards". You can find the exact description of these frequencies in the menu item "Environmental signals".
    Environmental signals
  • transfers information from all substrates such as homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, etc. using the ampoule holder provided. The magnetic field is used as a transport rail.
  • Read here what the oscillation of substrates and information is all about:
    Substrate transfer
AMS MEDICUR color Ampullenhalter

Technical data

Magnetic field frequencies: 120 adjustable frequencies
Physiological range: 80 cm in diameter
Batteries: 9 volt block battery
Weight: 120g
Size: 7.6x2.5x11cm
Scope of delivery: MEDICUR®color with 9 volt block battery, ampoule holder, three glass ampoules, Velcro bandage, instructions for use
Guarantee: 2 years

Application examples

In general, each of the adjustable programs provides possible pain relief.

In addition, experience has shown that the different frequencies have proven to be useful for the following applications:

Arrow symbol

You can recognize the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig® by the arrow symbol. This symbol stands for the generation of an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature.
Pfeilsymbol von Dr. Ludwig


In addition to the product details, our brochures have an introductory text on magnetic field therapy and bioresonance inside. For better readability and to be able to print the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files below:

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