In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.

History of our devices

Father of magnetic field therapy

Dr. W. Ludwig was a physicist with heart and soul. He loved to develop, research and get to the bottom of things. Read more about his life and his works in the menu item “Dr. Ludwig”:

Dr. Ludwig

He constructed his first magnetic field device in the 1970s in a plastic soap dish, like the ones many of us remember from earlier times. He built in a small generator which, when switched on, emitted a pulsating magnetic field with the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum of 7.8 Hz.

Schumann frequency spectrum

He gave this device to his mother, who suffered from severe weather sensitivity. He advised her to switch it on and carry it with her during times of weather changes.

After a short time, his mother loved her little magnetic field soap dish. She not only used it when the weather changed, but also regularly carried it with her, switched on, to generally stabilize herself and her body.

This was the birth of the first magnetic field device – and thus Dr. W. Ludwig became the “father of magnetic field therapy”.

The first small devices

Dr. Ludwig soon tested several other frequencies for their suitability and it was not long before he developed his first pocket device, the MEDISEND®, over forty years ago. In addition to the nine adjustable individual frequencies, it also always generated the geomagnetic frequencies.

Geomagnetic frequencies

The nine frequencies could be selected using a small rotary switch. Apart from the appearance and minor adjustments to the frequency values, nothing has changed on the MEDISEND® to this day. Many of our customers affectionately call it "Little Ludwig".

His first small device, which also generated solar frequencies, was the predecessor of the METRONOM solar device. It had only two programs: a recurring automatic frequency sweep from 1000 to 1 Hz (symbol sun) and a calming setting of 3 Hz (symbol moon).

Solar frequencies

Today's METRONOM solar was equipped with three additional fixed frequencies.

Through requests and suggestions from users, which were brought to the attention of the passionate physicist and developer Dr. Ludwig, a wide variety of small devices were created over the years, such as the MEDICUR® or the MEDICUR®color.

Some of them were very similar because they emitted the same frequencies or overlapped in their functions.

On to the large appliances!

The frequency spectrum of the small devices was not sufficient for some users - they wanted to be able to adjust each frequency individually within a certain bandwidth, and they also wanted to increase the range.

So Dr. Ludwig developed his first large device that met these criteria - the INDUMED, the forerunner of today's MEDISEND®super III. It had two separately adjustable frequency generators that could be individually set to any frequency between 0.1 and 1000 Hz. There were also other setting and modulation options, such as a stimulating or calming function in addition to the selected frequencies and the option of continuously adjusting the intensity. The pulsating magnetic field of the selected frequencies was emitted via the directional inductors specially developed by Dr. Ludwig, which are still used almost unchanged today.

The desire to have a somewhat simpler, less expensive device quickly arose, which was also better suited for mobile use due to its size. This was the birth of the MEDISEND®super. Like its big brother, it had two different frequency sweeps (1000 - 1 Hz and 100 - 1 Hz) and could emit either a continuous or interrupted signal, but only had one frequency generator and no possibility of further modulation of the signal. The pulsating magnetic field was emitted via a loop.
The "MEDISEND®super devices" have retained their basic functions to this day. The MEDISEND®super now has a big brother, the MEDISEND®super C, which can be connected to a computer with our AMScomsystem software. The MEDISEND®super II, the direct successor to the INDUMED, has been completely replaced by the MEDISEND®super III, which is the flagship of our product range. Of course, this can also be connected to the AMScomsystem software.

Colors and magnetic field as well as storage of information

Dr. Ludwig also developed other large devices, such as the COLOR-Punctur for a combination of color and magnetic field therapy, and, on the advice of the kinesiologist Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, the WAVE TRANSFER, which is used for the transfer of bioinformation to storage media such as water or saline solution.

Both devices are still part of our product range today. The WAVE TRANSFER C is a further development of the WAVE TRANSFER, which not only allows an analogue transfer from a medium to a storage medium, but also enables the information to be digitalised and stored. This means that digital bioinformation can be stored on the associated computer using the AMScomsystem software and transferred back to an analogue storage medium if required.

The product range

Although not all of the device models that Dr. Ludwig created over time through his passion for tinkering and research are still available today, our product range is still very large and diverse.

Especially with small appliances, it is noticeable that it takes a little time to become aware of the differences on the one hand and the overlaps on the other and to find out which device best suits your needs.

We'll help you.

You will find comprehensive information primarily under “our products” for each individual product.

Our products

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