In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.

Substrate transfer

Transfer of substrate information

A special highlight that can and should be taken advantage of when applying magnetic field therapy is the transmission of substrate information.

One of the properties of electromagnetic waves is that they are able to absorb and transport information.

This means that with each of the selected frequencies you can transmit additional information to the application.

The electromagnetic wave can be used in two ways:

  • as a pure application signal with corresponding frequency
  • and additionally as a carrier wave with information to be transported

It is the same principle as radio and television: a carrier wave is modulated, which transmits images and sounds or information.

What is being transmitted?

Electromagnetic waves can transport both exogenous (foreign to the body) and endogenous (own to the body) information.

Examples of exogenous information:

  • any preparation that takes effect based on its vibration pattern

Examples of endogenous information:

  • saliva
  • secretion

Each portable small device has an ampoule holder that holds a glass ampoule for information transmission. The substance inserted in this way is transmitted at the selected magnetic field frequency.

AMS Metronom solar Ampullenhalter
The large devices have a connection for a cup (MEDICUP) that holds several ampoules at once. This allows different information to be transmitted simultaneously.

To transmit information using a magnetic field, it is best to fill the desired substance into an ampoule or a glass tube - both liquid and solid forms are possible. It is not necessary to fill the entire glass - it is sufficient to fill only the bottom part of the tube.

Some users put together a case with glass tubes that they fill as needed (see example in the illustration). This way, you always have your most frequently used substances to hand.

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