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water is life

Water is the basis of life on our planet, the most important building block of all living organisms. It penetrates every cell in the body and regulates all of our body's functions. Water is even responsible for our consciousness and makes thinking and feeling possible.

Drinking water is our most important food.

On average, we humans consist of about 60% water - as an infant, almost 90% water, and as an old person, still about 45% water. The most important functions of water in the body include metabolism and temperature regulation.
The daily intake of sufficient drinking water is vital. A lack of fluid intake puts a great strain on the body and sooner or later leads to health problems. Due to a lack of fluid, the cells and organs receive too few nutrients and concentration and performance noticeably decrease.

We can survive for 50 days without solid food – but without drinking water we can only survive a few days.

We should drink two to three liters of water every day. Of course, foods that contain water, such as fruit and vegetables, are also an additional source of fluids - but this alone cannot cover the fluid requirement.

Did you know that ...

Water is one of the best controlled foods in Germany but did you know that...

  • the general limit value (guide value) for the permissible water pollution in the German Drinking Water Ordinance is now more than twice as high as it was in 1990?
  • The German Federal Environment Agency confirms: “Water that has been in the pipes for more than four hours is no longer suitable for drinking or food.”

Of course, you can make do and buy mineral water. But that means lugging crates around and also harming the environment. Regardless of whether you buy glass bottles or PET bottles, environmental pollution from transporting, cleaning or recycling the bottles is unavoidable.

Imagine: You have your own “spring water” and can filter the existing tap water for a few euro cents per liter and energize it using the “Ludwig technology” instead of paying high prices for bottling and transporting bottled water. Savings of several hundred euros per year are possible.

Are you interested in pressing delicious and pure water yourself at any time?

Then take a look at our reverse osmosis devices
spring-time®420 pro and spring-time®premium pro.

spring-time®420 pro

spring-time®premium pro

No matter what concerns you have about the principle of reverse osmosis or water filters in general, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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