In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
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In order to be healthy and stay healthy, personal responsibility and initiative play an increasing role. Prevention, regeneration and daily precautions have a high priority.

No matter how the healthcare system develops, maintaining and recovering from illness are of particular importance now and in the future.

Natural and empirical medicine can effectively support you in your preventive measures – the MEDISEND®super will help you with this.

The MEDISEND®super combines proven methods of empirical medicine:

  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Regulatory procedures
  • Bioresonance procedures

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Magnetic field therapy and bioresonance

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Magnetic field therapy and bioinformative medicine

Detailed introduction to the application of the MEDISEND®super device

The MEDISEND®super ...

  • is based on the biophysical findings of Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig, Institute of Biophysics, Weikersheim. They also use the pulsating magnetic field as a carrier signal for exogenous and endogenous bioinformation/substrates. Together with thousands of users, Dr. Ludwig found specific frequency programs for a variety of applications in order to specifically stimulate the body's self-healing powers.
  • has a frequency generator with a frequency bandwidth of 0.1 – 1000 Hz. It offers further possibilities for specifically tuned frequency modulation.
  • uses the MAGNETO loop as an applicator and transfers the magnetic field to the application.
  • The built-in high-performance battery prevents electrosmog and its transmission. This is crucial for electrosensitive people and for the interference-free transmission of exogenous and endogenous bioinformation.


Promoting regulatory ability

There are a wide range of uses and applications for the MEDISEND®super. Without limiting yourself to specific applications, you can use it to specifically stimulate the body's self-healing powers.

It is very easy to use: you set the desired frequency using the rotary knob and start the device. Place the connected MAGNETO loop on or next to the body to bring it into the area of effect of the magnetic field (approx. 1 m in diameter).

The devices are ideally suited to incorporate both exogenous and endogenous bioinformation into the application and transfer it to the pulsating magnetic field.

The power supply is provided by a rechargeable battery. A switch for disconnecting from the power grid ensures that no additional electrosmog is generated and transmitted during use.

A session usually lasts 15 minutes, but longer or shorter sessions are also possible. The MEDISEND®super is equipped with an automatic switch-off mechanism after 15 minutes, but you can also deactivate the automatic switch-off to customize the timing.

After use, you should drink as much clear water as possible to support the body in its regulation and elimination.


Fixed single frequencies:
The MEDISEND®super has a frequency generator that allows all frequencies between 0.1 and 99.9 Hz to be set to within a tenth using a rotary knob (from 100 – 1000 Hz in whole numbers).

The harmonics emitted by the MEDISEND®super extend into the MHz range. The devices therefore generate all RIFE and CLARK frequencies up to 10 MHz.

Frequency sweep:
You also have the choice between two frequency sweeps:

  • 1000 – 1Hz
  • 100 – 1Hz

The device runs through all frequencies in the selected bandwidth within about 8 seconds. The frequency sweep begins at 1000 or 100 Hz, runs through all frequencies up to 1 Hz and then starts again from the beginning.

This offers the body a wide range of frequencies to stimulate regulation.

The frequency sweeps are often chosen to support elimination procedures or as an introduction to an application cycle.

Selection of frequencies:
You can use the included list of empirical values to select the frequencies. It is even better if you support the selection of frequencies with a test procedure such as tensor, kinesiology, EAV or RAC.

In addition to the various adjustable frequencies (including the setting of 7.8 Hz, the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum), the MEDISEND®super also always emits the geomagnetic frequencies and the solar frequencies - regardless of which frequency you choose.

We call Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies the “biological norms”. You can find the exact description of these frequencies in the menu item “Environmental signals”.

Environmental signals

Tensor course

The AMS offers a tensor course once or twice a year in which you learn how to handle and use the tensor in theory and with practical exercises.

Upcoming events

Additional setting options

Magnetic field strength:
The intensity of the magnetic field in the MEDISEND®super can be selected between two levels.

The MEDISEND®super has the option of interrupting the magnetic field every five seconds instead of constant signal transmission. In this case, after five seconds of signal transmission, there is a pause of another five seconds during which the device does not emit a magnetic field. This gives the application a toning character.


Everything to connect

There are suitable accessories for the MEDISEND®super, some of which are included in the delivery. Some other accessories can be purchased optionally.

In order to be able to carry out an application at all, an applicator – e.g. the MAGNETO loop – must be connected. The magnetic field is emitted through this.

In order to use the magnetic field as a transport rail in the sense of bioresonance, MEDICUP and hand electrodes can be connected to the device.

AMS Medisend super mit Magneto-Schlaufe, Handelektroden und Medicup


The scope of delivery for the MEDISEND®super includes the MAGNETO-Loop as an applicator for transmitting the magnetic field.


It is connected to the OUTPUT on the right side of the device and placed on or next to the body for use. The solar plexus, in the middle under the breastbone, is particularly suitable for this.

Medisend super Seite Output

The physiological range of the electromagnetic field emitted by the loop extends up to 1 m in diameter. It is neither visible nor audible. Very sensitive people sometimes feel something - but this does not have to be the case. Even if the magnetic field of the switched on device cannot be felt immediately, it still serves its purpose.

We deliberately avoid using large and unwieldy mat applicators. The MAGNETO-Loop allows you to use it in a variety of ways (whole body, local, lying down, sitting). It is handy and robust. All of our devices and accessories are suitable for transport.

It is also possible to connect other applicators to the MEDISEND®super, e.g. the MAGNETO ring (for large-scale applications) or the MAGNETO Point (for use on small areas).

Transfer of bioinformation

Magnetic field

The MEDISEND®super emits a pulsating magnetic field from the MAGNETO- loop.

A pulsating magnetic field has the ability to transport and transmit information. This is comparable to the radio waves from television or radio: Here, images and sound are transmitted using a modulated carrier wave (e.g. VHF frequencies). In the context of bioresonance according to Dr. W. Ludwig, the pulsating magnetic field is also used as a carrier wave for bioinformation. This is referred to as the "oscillation" of exogenous or endogenous bioinformation.

Exogenous information transfer

To use this property of the magnetic field, a cup - the MEDICUP - can be connected to the left side of the MEDISEND®super device. The MEDICUP is split into two halves so that each half is connected separately to the two-pole, balanced input (INPUT). This ensures that the transmission is free of electrosmog and other information. Only the information contained in the cup is transmitted.
Medisend super Seite Input

To transmit exogenous information using the MEDICUP, it is best to place the agent in an ampoule or a glass tube (in liquid or solid form).

Once you have set a frequency on the device and started the application, the electromagnetic field not only acts as an application signal, but also as a transport wave for the information contained in the MEDICUP.

AMS Medicup

The transmission of information is independent of which frequency you choose:
Each frequency is a carrier wave and can be used for transient response/transmission.

Read more about this topic in the menu item “Substrate transfer”.

Substrate transfer

As with the selection of the frequency, it is also advisable to test the substrates to be transferred beforehand using a suitable test procedure. As already mentioned, tensor, kinesiology, EAV or the RAC test procedure are particularly suitable here.

Endogenous information transfer

With the help of connected hand electrodes, endogenous information can also be transmitted with the pulsating magnetic field. The endogenous bioinformation is picked up by the hand electrodes via the symmetrical skin contact (right and left half of the body) and fed back to the body in the form of "attention signals" in the sense of bioresonance.

AMS Handelektroden nebeneinander

Together with the MEDICUP, the hand electrodes are connected to the INPUT on the left side of the device. During use, the hand electrodes are held in both hands or otherwise brought into symmetrical contact with the skin (e.g. pushed under the back of the knee).

We are often asked whether the body receives information via the hand electrodes. But that is not the case. On the contrary: the hand electrodes are used to record information from the entire body biofield. This recorded information is modulated onto the magnetic field emitted by the loop and then returned to the body with it.

This means that the body is “shown” its own information from outside during use. This attention signal can support regulation in an individual way.

The combination of endogenous and exogenous information, for example, particularly promotes the elimination function.

The hand electrodes as well as the MEDICUP can be purchased as optional accessories.

Hand electrodes


Technical data and scope of delivery

Magnetic field frequencies:Bandwidth 0.1 – 1000 Hz / two frequency sweeps: 1000 – 1 Hz and 100 – 1 Hz
Physiological range:1 m in diameter
Additional settings:Constant or intermittent magnetic field output, two-stage regulation of intensity
Battery:built-in high-performance battery
Size:26.5 x 19.0 x 10.6 cm
Weight:1.5 kg without applicator
Scope of delivery:Control unit MEDISEND®super, applicator (MAGNETO-Loop), battery charger, user manual
 Not included in the delivery:
MEDICUP and hand electrodes. They are available as optional accessories.
Guarantee:2 years


Brochure MEDISEND®super

Below you can download our brochure for the MEDISEND®super.

In addition to the product details, our brochures have an introductory text about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance in the inside. For better readability and to be able to print the pages, the brochures are available for download without the inside.

Device accessories

Please look at the device accessories and their descriptions in the SHOP. They are not explained further here.

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