In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
Carefree on the computer


Working on the computer is now almost unavoidable, whether at work or in your free time. If you can't or don't want to stay away from it and still want to help your body not to be disturbed by the negative waves, the MEDISEND®protect is just the thing for you.

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Electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves have a fundamental function for all living things: they control and regulate the body's own "biocurrents". If these are permanently "interfered with" by electrosmog from the outside, biologically sensitive control circuits can get out of sync.

Modern workplaces are full of sources of electrosmog. We sit surrounded by computers, laptops, fax machines, telephones, copiers and printers and often have to be reachable at all times. We use headsets, smartphones and tablets, work under neon light, use energy-saving lamps and there is a cell phone tower nearby. WiFi, UMTS and Bluetooth ensure fast data transfer - with a flat rate we are permanently online.

Children and young people often sit in front of the computer for hours, chatting on their smartphone or making calls on their cordless phone and constantly listening to music on their MP3 player.

In the long term, more and more people are becoming sensitive to electrosmog. In colloquial terms, this is referred to as “electrosmog sensitivity.” Long-term electrosmog radiation can trigger different individual health problems. The MEDISEND®protect can help you to strengthen yourself against the disruptive waves.

Provides protection against electrosmog

The MEDISEND®protect looks like a memory stick and is the smallest magnetic field device in the world. It fits into all USB ports and is therefore suitable for every computer.

Its physiological range is approximately 80 cm in diameter – so you can use its beneficial effects on both your laptop and stationary under-table devices.

It can also be used in the car or on various technical devices. All that is needed is a USB interface for connection.

Application for:

  • Electrosensitivity
  • Difficulty concentrating when working on the computer

The MEDISEND®protect ...

  • is simply plugged into a USB port on your computer/laptop or any other USB port and generates an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature. The organism orientates itself on this field and is therefore no longer irritated by the interference waves from the computer and other devices.
  • permanently generates a natural and complex electromagnetic field at 7.8 Hz (main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum). Of course, the geomagnetic frequency spectrum is always generated as well. In order to keep the MEDISEND®protect small and handy, the generator for the solar frequencies was not installed.
    We call Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies the “biological norms”. You can find the exact description of these frequencies in the menu item “Environmental signals”.
    Environmental signals
  • is additionally modulated with a frequency of 1.2 Hz (Nogier frequency). This means that the electromagnetic field of 7.8 Hz is interrupted at a frequency of 1.2 Hz. This frequency has proven to be very effective against electrosmog (especially cell phone radiation).
  • only draws power from the USB port – therefore, there can be no problems with user programs, operating system versions and drivers on your PC.

Technical data

Magnetic field frequency: 7.8 – modulated at 1.2 Hz
Physiological range: 80 cm in diameter
Batteries: Power is supplied via the USB port on the computer
Weight: 15g
Size: 7.0x2.0x1.2cm
Scope of delivery: MEDISEND®protect in aluminum box, user manual
Guarantee: 2 years

Application examples

The MEDISEND®protect is mainly used for working on the computer - but can be connected to any USB interface.

For example, many cars have a USB port, which is where the MEDISEND®protect comes in handy, as electrosmog levels can be particularly high when driving. This is especially true if you connect your cell phone to the hands-free system via Bluetooth or through the GPS signals that the navigator system uses to make it easier for us to find routes.

Arrow symbol

You can recognize the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig® by the arrow symbol. This symbol stands for the generation of an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature.
Pfeilsymbol von Dr. Ludwig


In addition to the product details, our brochures have an introductory text on magnetic field therapy and bioresonance inside. For better readability and to be able to print the pages, the brochure is available for download in two files below:

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