In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.

Quality features

Bioenergetic vibrations

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig generate alternating electromagnetic fields that produce biological resonance effects and can thus bioenergetically stimulate regulatory processes and activate the body's self-healing powers.

However, the resonance effects can only be achieved if the generated electromagnetic field meets certain physiological quality characteristics.

On the one hand, there are the environmental signals already mentioned, the so-called "biological norms", which act as control impulses in resonance with the organism of living beings. These natural signals, which are bioenergetically important for humans, can be reproduced using microelectronics - but it is important that the body also understands these signals.

Environmental signals

The effectiveness of a magnetic field

The effectiveness of a magnetic field artificially generated by the device is additionally determined by the following technical quality features, which must have certain properties.

For this purpose, the magnetic field strength and pulse shape of the signal are of particular importance.

Magnetic field strength

Physiological response threshold

The artificially generated magnetic field must neither fall below nor exceed a certain intensity.

In order for the body to understand the electromagnetic wave generated by the device, it is first important that the “physiological response threshold” is reached.

It's like when you want to listen to music. If you turn the volume control all the way down, you can't hear the music. If you turn it up slowly, you'll eventually reach a point where you can hear the music. That's the "physiological response threshold" - we hear, we "understand".

Louder is not better!

If you turn the volume up a little, it gets even better. Even a little louder makes it a little easier to understand. But at some point you reach the point where you can no longer hear the music any better, but it just gets louder and more and more unpleasant, and after a while it becomes unbearable. It's like so often in life - the more is better, the more isn't always the case.

It is the same with the electromagnetic field. After reaching the physiological response threshold through a certain strength, the body is able to "understand" the vibration. If the strength is now intensified, the effect increases for a while before decreasing and coming to a complete standstill.

The Adey Window

The American physicist R. Adey discovered through an experiment that a positive physiological effect of magnetic fields can be demonstrated even at weak field strengths.

He investigated the influence of an increasing electromagnetic field on the inflow of Ca++ ions in cells of chick eggs. This Ca++ Inflow is a physiological process.

The result was that a certain basic intensity is required to control the influx of Ca++ Ions positively support the achievement of the physiological response threshold.

As the intensity of the magnetic field increased, the influx of Ca++ ions into the chick eggs. After reaching a maximum, the effect decreased again until it stopped completely as the intensity of the magnetic field increased.

This intensity range of positive influence by the magnetic field is called the “Adey window”.

ADEY-Fenster Grafik
The following applies to magnetic field therapy: Only the physiological response threshold must be reached - a higher intensity can even have a counterproductive effect under certain circumstances. This is why the magnetic field strength of the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig is a low 0.2 - 20 µTesla.

Pulse shape

Signal form of nerve communication

Furthermore, the effect of the electromagnetic field on the organism depends on the pulse shape.
Since it was particularly important for Dr. Ludwig to use a pulse shape that the body is already familiar with, he chose the temporal progression of the signal shape of the impulse transmission of the nervous system. This is characterized by a rapid increase and a subsequent slow decay of the impulse.

It would have been possible to choose other pulse shapes - for example, there are sawtooth, square or sinus signals. However, these types of signals are often only initially perceived as pleasantly stimulating. Therefore, all devices developed by Dr. Ludwig work with the above-mentioned pulse shape of signal transmission between nerve cells. To find out which frequencies have proven effective in certain situations, read on in the menu item:

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