In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
Unique combination

spring-time®420 pro

  • Water purification through reverse osmosis
  • Energization according to Dr. Ludwig®
Only available in EU countries and Switzerland.

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Pure drinking water

Drinking water travels a long way before it reaches the tap at home. On this journey, it often suffers a loss in quality. Our water is often contaminated with lead, copper and other heavy metals and even drug residues. This is why reverse osmosis filters are particularly in demand, as their special filter technology enables them to achieve an extremely high level of water purity.

The spring-time®420 pro …

  • is a water treatment device that works on the principle of reverse osmosis. In addition to the reverse osmosis membrane, the device contains a pre-filter (two stages: sediment and activated carbon) and a post-filter (ceramic). In this combination, the water is freed of almost all dissolved pollutants. In addition, the device has electronically controlled, semi-automatic operating processes including disinfection and decalcification.
  • also has an integrated magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig®, which generates a pulsating electromagnetic field to energize the purified water. As soon as the spring-time®420 pro is connected to the power grid, the magnetic field generator (comparable to our MEDISEND®) permanently emits the main value of the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz. In addition, using a process that is unique in the world, the frequency spectrum of the 64 most important trace elements (geomagnetic frequencies) is modulated onto the magnetic field and thus transferred to the water.
  • has a removable 1.8 l water tank that is filled with tap water. After 10 minutes you get approx. 1.2 l of freshly pressed water® in organic quality. This only produces approx. 0.6 l of waste water, which collects in the water tank. This ratio is the world leader in the household sector. An integrated conductivity display ensures constant quality control. The elegant design can be adapted to any kitchen using interchangeable panels (aluminum or stainless steel look, black-silver and white). The housing is available in white or black.
  • works with a built-in diaphragm pump for the necessary pressure for filtering. The spring-time®420 pro is not connected to the water pipe, but only to a socket. With 230 volts you have the right connection everywhere - whether at home, in the practice or in the office. With an additional 12V / 24V connection it can also be used in campers, yachts and abroad. To counteract the electrosmog of the power grid, the Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz is additionally modulated with 1.2 Hz - a frequency that has also proven effective in cases of electrosensitivity.

Reverse osmosis

Freshly pressed water® in organic quality

The process of reverse osmosis is obvious:
It is an extremely fine filtering process in which water is forced under pressure through a membrane with ultra-fine pores. The pores are so fine that only water molecules, minerals in ionic form and oxygen can pass through them. All other, larger molecules cannot pass through and therefore do not reach the pure, filtered water.

The figure illustrates the size ratios of possible loads to a water molecule.

Wassermolekül im Größenvergleich
Another illustration shows a schematic of the reverse osmosis process and gives examples of which pollutants can be reduced with the spring-time®420 pro up to 100%.
Schadstoffreduktion im spring-time 420 pro
Reverse osmosis achieves an optimal cleaning effect that is not surpassed by any other filter system. It separates the tap water into two components:
  • Pure, filtered water (pure water) and the
  • Excess tap water (the concentrate)
The latter contains all substances that do not penetrate the fine pores of the membrane due to their molecular size.

Pure water drains

Not all water is the same. Pure, clean water has more capacity to absorb metabolic waste products in the body so that they can be excreted through the kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs. It is helpful for this to happen that the drinking water is not contaminated with pollutants or other substances.

No fear of mineral deficiency

Minerals dissolved in water also complicate its transport and elimination functions.

Water that is low in minerals is best suited to support detoxification. Through a balanced diet we absorb enough minerals to supply our body.

The assumption that reverse osmosis water can lead to a mineral deficiency is unfounded. This is especially true because the minerals dissolved in water are difficult to access. The minerals naturally contained in food are much easier and more effective for the body to use.

In order for the water to have optimal cleaning and transport properties, it should be as free from pollutants, still and low in minerals as possible.

Vitalization and energization of water

The reverse osmosis process breaks up the natural cluster structure of the water. In order to support the reconstruction of this cluster structure, it is important to re-energize the water after cleaning. This happens automatically during the filtering process in the spring-time®420 pro using the built-in magnetic field generator. The water is revitalized at 7.8 Hz, the main value of the Schumann frequency. Various swirling processes are also integrated, which produce energetically very high-quality, vital water.

Water has a memory

The world-renowned biophysicist Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig has spent many years intensively studying the properties of water and using spectroscopic measurements to determine water quality. His biophysical measurement results show:

Water has a memory. It can store information.
This information is present in the form of certain frequency patterns in the cluster structure of the water and can be passed on to other systems or organisms.

With the help of the magnetic field generator built into the spring-time®420 pro, the vibrations of the 64 trace elements (geomagnetic frequencies) that are important to us are transmitted to the water in addition to the 7.8 Hz.

You can recognize the magnetic field generators developed by Dr. Ludwig® by the arrow symbol. This symbol stands for the generation of an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature.

Arrow symbol

If you would like to know more about water and the scientific work of Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig, we recommend the book “Water and Homeopathy” by Dr. W. Ludwig and H.-J. Albrecht.

Water and homeopathy

Another book on the subject of water that we would like to recommend to you is “Water – much more than water2O” by Gerald H. Pollack.

Water – much more than H2O

Technical data

Water treatment: Pre-filter (sediment activated carbon), main filter (reverse osmosis), post-filter (ceramic)
Water energization: using a magnetic field generator (7.8 Hz) and turbulence
Weight: approx. 7.3 kg
Size (WxDxH): 30 x 28 x 34 cm (without drip tray), depth with drip tray approx. 37 cm
Water tank approx. 1.8 l
Water production: approx. 1.2 l in 10 min
Filter replacement: Pre-filter every 6 months (price 58,- €)
Scope of delivery: Device spring-time®420 pro, water tank, drip tray, drip tray, operating instructions, warranty certificate and built-in magnetic field generator
available as an accessory: Carafe, handmade from pollutant-free glass (price 49,- €)
guarantee 2 years


Brochure spring-time®420 pro

Below you can find the brochure for our two devices

  • spring-time®420 pro and
  • spring-time®premium pro

Both devices clean the water in the same way (pre-filter, reverse osmosis and ceramic filter) and both have a built-in magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig®. They differ in that the spring-time®premium pro also enriches the water with hydrogen through electrolysis. The spring-time®420 pro does not have this electrolysis unit.

Descaling, disinfection and pre-filter replacement

To ensure that you can enjoy your spring-time®420 pro device for a long time, regular descaling and disinfection are necessary in addition to the semi-annual pre-filter change.

Three different filter systems are integrated into the spring-time®420 pro for water purification:

  • Pre-filter (activated carbon)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ceramic filter

The pre-filter is responsible for the "coarse stuff". It filters dirt particles and the smallest particles out of the water right from the start. Over time, it becomes clogged with the particles it catches and therefore needs to be replaced every 6 months at the latest. You can order the pre-filter here:

In the reverse osmosis filter, the (tap) water to be cleaned is passed past a membrane and pressed through microscopically small holes in the membrane. Apart from the water molecules, only dissolved oxygen molecules and a small proportion of very small ions such as potassium and magnesium ions can pass through these small holes.

The water is divided into two parts by this reverse osmosis process:

  • On the one hand, there is the part of the water that has been filtered and cleaned in this way, which then flows through the ceramic filter. In the ceramic filter, this cleaned water part is swirled - just like in nature when the water flows and jumps over stones on its way. This is what makes it taste so fresh. It then flows from the ceramic filter via the tap into the carafe provided.
  • On the other hand, there is the part of the water that still carries all the dissolved dirt particles with it. This larger part of the two water quantities flows back into the container that you previously filled with tap water. The cleaning process starts again with this returned water.

The tap water to be cleaned is then circulated. Only a portion is repeatedly taken out of this cycle as cleaned water. At the end, around 600 ml of waste water remains in the tap water tank, in which all the dirt has collected. You then throw this water away.

In contrast, there are approximately 1.2 liters of purified water in the carafe ready for you to enjoy.

The advantage is obvious: With most other reverse osmosis devices, you have a ratio of purified to contaminated water of 1:2 at the end of the cleaning process. This means that you throw away twice as much water as you receive in filtered water.

With spring-time®420 pro, the ratio is exactly the opposite. Ultimately, 1.2 l of highly purified, swirled and energized water is obtained from 1.8 l of tap water.

The magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig, built into the spring-time®420 pro, continuously emits a pulsating magnetic field of 7.8 Hz (Schumann frequency). This energizes and vitalizes the water. This also applies to all foodstuffs containing water that are within a radius of one meter of the spring-time®420 pro device.

To check the cleaning function, the conductivity of the water is measured during the process and shown on the display. The conductivity shows how many dissolved particles are contained in the water and is given in ppm (parts per million) on the spring-time®420 pro. The conductivity of the water in the removable tap water container is measured throughout the cleaning process. At the end of the process, the device measures the conductivity of the water that is poured from the tap into the carafe and shows this value on the display. This way you can see for yourself whether the reverse osmosis membrane is doing its job properly.

Both downstream cleaning systems, reverse osmosis and ceramic filters, are not collection containers for dirt like the pre-filter and therefore have a long lifespan (usually more than 5 years). To maintain this long lifespan, they require regular maintenance in the form of decalcification and disinfection.

Both processes are very simple and can be carried out without any tools. Please follow the description in the user manual carefully and carry out all instructions step by step.

You can also find the individual steps in the descriptions below in the corresponding menus on our website.


The spring-time®420 pro device must be descaled once a month.

To descale, please use the Bio Quick Descaler from Heitmann. One bottle is already included in the delivery. You can buy this bio descaler in retail stores for around two to three euros.

Products from other manufacturers are not suitable.

Flasche mit Bio Schnell-Entkalker von Heitmann

Descaling instructions

  • Detach the front panel from the device (magnetic holder) and pull it downwards.
  • Unscrew the pre-filter (left cartridge) by hand and pull it downwards.
  • Fill the water tank to the top with tap water (approx. 1.8 liters).
  • Add 50 ml of the descaling agent.
  • Place the filled water tank on top.
  • Place a container under the water outlet. No water will come out of the water outlet during the descaling process. (The container is placed under the water outlet as a precautionary measure, as only a few drops at most can come out during the descaling process).
  • Press the start/stop button for ten seconds. You will initially see a counter on the display up to 5 seconds and then the display “REF”. Please keep the button pressed. The counting process will then continue on the display for up to 10 seconds. The descaling process begins and is indicated on the display by “FLUS”. Please now release the button.
  • After descaling, the device switches off automatically (after approx. 60 minutes).
  • Attention: Health hazard!
    After descaling, pour away water from the water tank and, if applicable, from the container. Rinse the water tank and container carefully. Place the container back under the water outlet.
  • After descaling, please carry out a normal water cleaning twice (fill the water tank with tap water and let it run through as usual). This will rinse everything again.
    Please pour away the water that has run through each time (2x).
  • Screw the pre-filter back into its original position by hand.
  • Replace the front panel.
  • The device is now ready for use.


Disinfection of the spring-time®420 pro device is recommended every six months and after a long period of non-use (from approx. 14 days).

For disinfection use H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) in 3%iger solution. You can get hydrogen peroxide in any pharmacy.

Glasflasche mit Wasserstoffperoxid

Instructions for disinfection

  • Detach the front panel from the device (magnetic holder) and pull it downwards.
  • Unscrew the pre-filter (left cartridge) by hand and pull it downwards.
  • Fill the water tank to the top with tap water (approx. 1.8 liters).
  • 100 ml H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in 3%iger solution.
  • Place a container under the water outlet and place the filled water tank on top.
  • Press the start-stop button for five seconds. You will see a counter up to 5 seconds on the display. The disinfection process begins and is shown on the display as "REF". Please now release the button.
  • After disinfection, the device switches off automatically.
  • Attention: Health hazard!
    Pour away water from the water tank (400 – 600 ml) and the container (approx. 1.2 – 1.4 l).
    Rinse the water tank and container carefully. Place the container back under the water outlet.
  • After disinfection, please carry out a normal water cleaning twice (fill tap water into the water tank and let it run through as usual). This will rinse everything again.
    Please pour away the water that has run through each time (2x).
  • Screw the pre-filter back into its original position by hand.
  • Replace the front panel.
  • The device is now ready for use.

Pre-filter change

The pre-filter of the spring-time®420 pro device should be changed every 6 months. The intervals between the pre-filter changes depend on the tap water quality. Heavily contaminated tap water can lead to shorter intervals. You can order the filter on our website or have it sent to you automatically every six months. You can order the pre-filter or have it sent automatically here:

Instructions for changing pre-filter

  • Detach the front panel from the device (magnetic holder) and pull it downwards.
  • Unscrew the pre-filter (left cartridge) by hand, pull it downwards and dispose of it.
  • Unscrew the ceramic filter (third from the left).
  • Remove the yellow plug from the new pre-filter and screw the pre-filter in by hand (instead of the ceramic filter).
  • In this condition, run the water through twice and pour out the contents of the tank after both runs.
  • This process serves to vent the device and at the same time flushes the new pre-filter.
  • Now unscrew the pre-filter again from the third position…
  • … and screw it into the designated place (first from the left).
  • Screw the ceramic filter back in (third place from the left).
  • Replace the front panel.
  • After changing the pre-filter, please carry out a normal water cleaning twice (fill the water tank with tap water and let it run through as usual). This will rinse everything again.
    Please pour away the water that has run through each time (2x).
    From the third run onwards you can enjoy your freshly pressed water as usual.

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