In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
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spring-time®premium pro

Our new water treatment device spring-time®premium pro combines the advantages of the spring-time®420 pro with enrichment of the water with hydrogen.

You know the spring-time®420 pro reverse osmosis device and want to go one step further? Is it important to you to enrich your drinking water with hydrogen gas in addition to cleaning it with reverse osmosis and energizing it with a pulsating magnetic field? Then the spring-time®premium pro is the right thing for you.

In principle, all statements about the properties of the spring-time®420 pro device can be transferred one-to-one to the spring-time®premium pro device. To do this, read all the information in the menu item “spring-time®420 pro” with all its sub-items.

spring-time®420 pro

Only available in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Quick selection

If you are already familiar with the spring-time®premium pro, simply click on the link to the product in the shop:

The spring-time®premium pro …

  • basically contains all the properties that also apply to the spring-time®420 pro. The water is purified using a pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane and ceramic filter. The latest membrane technology filters out up to 100% of all pollutants. Energization is carried out by a magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig with the main value of the Schumann frequency (7.8 Hz).
    For detailed information, please read the menu item “spring-time®420 pro”.
    spring-time®420 pro
  • enriches the water after the cleaning process with hydrogen gas (H2). This gives it an antioxidant effect and helps to neutralize free radicals and counteract oxidative stress.
  • offers the possibility of using the water both with and without enrichment of hydrogen gas (H2) to clean.
  • has improved semi-automatic processes that make maintenance work, descaling and disinfection easier compared to the spring-time®420 pro. has proven itself in cases of electrosensitivity.

Free radicals and oxidative stress

Antioxidant effect

Water that is enriched with hydrogen gas changes its redox potential and has an antioxidant effect. This means that a negative redox potential gives it the ability to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are atoms or molecules with a free, unpaired electron. This makes them extremely reactive and can lead to harmful reactions in the organism.

Free radicals and oxidative stress

On the one hand, free radicals are created by natural processes, e.g. through breathing or during physical exertion and sport. The body is able to create a healthy balance (oxidative homeostasis) for the amount of naturally occurring free radicals through redox regulation.

On the other hand, external factors such as UV radiation, pollution, poor eating habits, smoking and alcohol also lead to an increase in free radicals. If there are not enough anti-oxidative protective mechanisms to break them down, oxidative stress occurs in the body.

Inflammatory reactions, infections and chronic diseases can also lead to the development of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can, in turn, impair the immune system and promote the development of acute or chronic diseases or premature aging. This can lead to a kind of vicious circle in which oxidative stress and the associated stresses are mutually dependent and supportive.

Drinking water as an antioxidant

In order to counteract oxidative stress, it is important to help the body neutralize free radicals using antioxidant substances. A diet with a balanced supply of micro- and macronutrients plays a major role in this.

Vitamins in fruit and vegetables are particularly important in this context. Enriching drinking water with hydrogen gas means that the water is also able to act as an antioxidant and neutralize free radicals due to the resulting negative redox potential.

To do this, the previously neutral hydrogen changes its oxidation state to +1 and thus has a reducing effect. This can also help your body to avoid oxidative stress.

Hydrogen enrichment

H2-Enrichment by electrolysis

Electrolysis means that water is split into its individual components by applying an electrical voltage.

By means of a built-in electrolysis unit, in the spring-time®premium pro (compared to the spring-time®420 pro) a small part of the purified water is split into its components (hydrogen and oxygen gas) by platinum electrodes.

The simplified equation for this process is:
2H2O (water) –> 2 H2 (molecular hydrogen gas) + O2 (oxygen gas)

The oxygen gas is removed and collects in the rectangular container on the back of the device. The hydrogen gas is dissolved in the water and creates a negative redox potential that can be detected for several hours.

The initial amount of dissolved hydrogen gas immediately after enrichment is about 400 ppb (parts per billion). The measured redox potential is then about -120 mVolt. After three hours, about -60 mVolt can still be detected. Untreated tap water usually has about +500 to +800 mVolt. The redox potential is a measure of how easily a compound absorbs or releases electrons. The lower the mVolt value, the easier it is to neutralize free radicals. Breast milk, for example, has a redox potential of -33 mVolt, and amniotic fluid even has a value of -69 mVolt.

Thanks to a special water outlet tap, it is possible to decide individually each time whether you want to enrich your purified water with hydrogen gas or not.

Water enriched with hydrogen gas neutralizes free radicals that can cause disease, reduces oxidative stress and thereby increases personal energy levels.

A healthy intestine produces up to 10 liters of hydrogen gas every day, which is needed for numerous processes in our body:

  • as fuel in our cells to generate energy
  • as a protective and repairing antioxidant

However, due to our current lifestyle and diet, the intestine is one of the most unstable organs in our body. Many of us do not produce enough of our own hydrogen, which can lead to health problems.

The spring-time®premium pro uses a particularly gentle method inspired by Schauberger to generate hydrogen, which is sustainably incorporated into drinking water. This means you can meet your antioxidant needs by drinking water from the spring-time®premium pro.

Beta-carotene is said to have particularly good antioxidant properties. Drinking 1.5 liters of hydrogen water (500 ppb or more) has the same antioxidant power as eating about 35 carrots.

  • Healthy water has a strong antioxidant effect.

Technical data

Water treatment: Pre-filter (sediment filter), main filter (reverse osmosis), post-filter (ceramic)
Water energization: using a magnetic field generator (7.8 Hz) and turbulence (in the ceramic filter)
Dissolved hydrogen: 250 to 400 ppb
Redox potential: -80 to -120 mVolt
Power supply: 12V/24V, 24 watts power consumption
Weight: approx. 7.3 kg
Size (WxDxH): 30 x 28 x 34 cm (without drip tray), depth with drip tray approx. 37 cm
Water tank approx. 1.8 l
Water production: approx. 1.2 l in 10 min
Filter replacement: Pre-filter every 6 months (price 58,- €)
Scope of delivery: Device spring-time®premium pro, water tank with cover, drip tray with drip tray, collecting container (collects condensate/ozone-containing water), information sheet with important information before commissioning, operating instructions, logbook with maintenance description, form for registering for automatic filter delivery, guarantee certificate, activated carbon block filter (for use abroad and with chlorinated tap water), built-in magnetic field generator, a bottle of organic descaler (250 ml)
available as an accessory: Carafe, handmade from pollutant-free glass (price 49,- €)
guarantee 2 years


Brochure spring-time®premium pro

Below you can find the brochure for our two devices

  • spring-time®420 pro and
  • spring-time®premium pro


Both devices clean the water in the same way (pre-filter, reverse osmosis and ceramic filter) and both have a built-in magnetic field generator according to Dr. Ludwig®. They differ in that the spring-time®premium pro also enriches the water with hydrogen through electrolysis.

The spring-time®420 pro does not have this electrolysis unit.

Descaling, disinfection and pre-filter replacement

To ensure that you can enjoy your spring-time®premium pro device for a long time, regular descaling and disinfection are necessary in addition to the semi-annual pre-filter change.

Three different filter systems are integrated into the spring-time®premium pro for water purification:

  • Pre-filter (sediment or activated carbon filter)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ceramic filter

The pre-filter is responsible for the "big stuff". It filters dirt particles and the smallest particles out of the water right from the start. Over time, it becomes clogged with the particles it catches and therefore needs to be replaced every 6 months at the latest. You can order the pre-filters available for the spring-time®premium pro here:

Reverse osmosis and ceramic filters are cleaned and maintained by regular decalcification (monthly) and disinfection (six-monthly) as well as membrane rinsing (see operating instructions for procedure). You can carry out all maintenance work on the spring-time®premium pro device without tools.

Filter selection

The spring-time®premium pro device can be operated with two different pre-filters. You decide which filter to use based on the drinking water quality in your area.

The following options are available:

  • Sediment filter (installed in the device upon delivery)
  • Activated carbon block filter (included in delivery, for use abroad and with chlorinated tap water)

Please read the instructions for use carefully to determine which of the two types of pre-filters you want to use for your spring-time®premium pro device.

Important NOTE

Since the procedures for replacing the pre-filter as well as for descaling and disinfection vary depending on the type of filter for the spring-time®premium pro device, we ask you to select the corresponding chapter in the instructions for use and carry out the individual steps precisely one after the other.

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