In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.

Magnetic field therapy and bioinformative medicine

Magnetic field therapy – what for?

What is meant by magnetic field therapy / bioinformative medicine

Magnetic field therapy is suitable for helping the body to regulate itself. It is not about curing a specific illness - we do not want to and are not allowed to claim that - but our devices generate bioenergetic vibrations that stimulate self-regulation processes.

To do this, the devices generate an electromagnetic field that is transferred to the body. The application is very simple: Depending on the device, either the connected applicator or the device itself is placed on or next to the body. The electromagnetic field penetrates clothing and floods every cell.

Different frequencies can be used. For example, the intention for an application can be stimulating or calming, or helpful for electrosmog sensitivity. There are many other possible applications - as already described, the aim is to help the body regulate itself.

Our small devices have preset frequencies that can be used and selected depending on the situation. The large devices do not have a program preset - they offer the option of setting different frequencies in a certain bandwidth.

You will find the specific information in the corresponding sections of the respective products.

Alternating electromagnetic fields

Communication in our body takes place with the help of alternating electromagnetic fields. Biophysics calls them biophotons. They function as a wireless information network that controls all cell activities and promotes the basis for bioenergetic self-regulation. The intra- and extracellular transmission of information occurs through biological resonance effects.

Biophotons or alternating electromagnetic fields are the most elementary couplings that occur in the organism. They control all cell activities via biological resonance effects and form the basis for bioenergetic self-regulation.

The magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. W. Ludwig generate alternating electromagnetic fields that create biological resonance effects and can thus bioenergetically stimulate regulatory processes and activate the body's self-healing powers. The devices work on the basis of weak, rapidly changing electromagnetic fields in the low and high frequency range (in harmonics up to 10 MHz).

Why a device from Dr. Ludwig?

What is special about Dr. Ludwig’s AMS devices?
It was important to Dr. Ludwig to develop devices that create an artificial pulsating electromagnetic field that is as similar as possible to the natural field of the environment. He wanted to ensure that the body would have an easy time understanding these signals.

That is why he has thoroughly studied our environment and the natural fields that surround us and designed his magnetic field devices to replicate these natural frequencies as accurately as possible.

Even today, all of our devices are built according to Dr. Ludwig's specifications and thus generate electromagnetic fields at different frequencies that are particularly easily understood by the body.

Read below what Dr. Ludwig paid particular attention to when developing his devices and how he incorporated his extensive knowledge into the development of the devices.

Pulsating magnetic fields

Pulsating magnetic fields have certain properties that we can use to our advantage. You can find out more about them in the following menu items:

  • A little excursion into physics, for some basics about electromagnetic fields:
  • Physiological environmental signals: Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies – signals that naturally surround us:
    Environmental signals.
  • Quality characteristics of physiologically effective magnetic field devices – Which criteria regarding magnetic field strength and pulse shape should devices meet in order to be able to develop their full effect?
    Quality features
  • Frequencies and applications – Which frequencies are suitable for use?
  • Substrate transfer – Use of the pulsating magnetic field as a transport rail for information transmission.

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