In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
Dr. Ludwig
Father of magnetic field therapy

Dr. W. Ludwig (1927-2004)

We have a lot to thank Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig for. With his research and developments, he was the one who built the first magnetic field therapy devices – and he is rightly called the “father of magnetic field therapy.”

Read in the “History of our devices” section why and how he made his first magnetic field device and how this developed into a wide range of different devices.
History of our devices

Dr. W. Ludwig was a seeker throughout his life. He summed up his knowledge in a classic sentence that he liked to put at the end of a presentation:

The claim made by some scientists about an area that is not understood - "that doesn't exist" - is completely unscientific. At best, one can say "I don't know anything about it".

Medical research

In the last 30 years of his life, his research and development interests increasingly focused on gaining quantum physics insights as the basis for modern naturopathic medicine. A large number of publications as well as the development and construction of various devices testify to his enormous creativity.

In the foreword to the book “Informative Medicine”, Prof. Popp describes Dr. Ludwig’s entire scientific achievements very aptly:

Wolfgang Ludwig is one of the physicists who have played a key role in shaping bioinformatics processes in Germany. Even if the potential that arises from this has so far been barely used here in Germany, and has rather been suppressed, the achievements and information are nevertheless stimulating the growing progress in other nations. They encourage imitation and further development and trigger impulses for a new era of health awareness worldwide.

The arrow symbol

It should not go unmentioned that a large number of manufacturers now use Dr. Ludwig in his role as a biophysicist. There are now a large number of supposedly similar magnetic field therapy devices on the market, although the devices' function and mode of operation do not correspond in any way to the biophysical quality characteristics developed by Dr. Ludwig.

You can always recognize a device developed by Dr. Ludwig without a doubt by the arrow symbol.

Arrow symbol

This symbol is only used on devices that meet Dr. Ludwig's quality criteria. It stands for the generation of an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature.

Pfeilsymbol von Dr. Ludwig


Dr. Ludwig personally compiled the CV many years ago at the request of the magazine raum&zeit. We can therefore assume that he himself considered these “stages in his life” to be important.

Ultimately, however, the vita says very little about the person, the personality and the actual work of Dr. Ludwig.

1927born in Bautzen
1943-45Electronics work at TH Dresden
1947High school diploma in Bayreuth
1949-52Employee at the Institute of Vibration Technology, Darmstadt
1955-58Physics studies at TU Berlin
1958-61Diploma thesis with Prof. Dr. Mecke: Construction of a dipole meter
1961Diploma physics examination
1961-68Research assistant at the Institute for Electrical Materials, Freiburg im Breisgau
1964-67Medical doctoral thesis at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Influence of electromagnetic signals on the nervous system
1967Promotion magna cum laude University of Freiburg im Breisgau
1968-74Development work in the pharmaceutical industry
1974-82Employee of Prof. Dr. med. H.-U. Riethmüller, Tübingen
from 1974Development of medical therapy devices
1982-89Freelance consultant in the field of naturopathy
from 1984own spectroscopy laboratory
1989-93freelance employee of the Environmental Center Schloss Türnich in the Technology Center Horb am Neckar
from 1993freelance consulting
2004died in Sinzheim near Baden-Baden

The work of Dr. Ludwig

Whoever thinks ahead of others,
will be laughed at for years.
You finally understand the discovery,
That's what everyone calls it, of course.

The following article is an excerpt from the obituary for Dr. Ludwig (died 2004).

Dr. Frank Beck and Peter Holz (both AMS GmbH) pay tribute to Dr. Ludwig's life's work. The complete article/obituary can be found in the magazine CO`MED No. 5 / 2004, pp. 5-8.

Anyone who reads Dr. Ludwig's CV carefully will quickly realize - despite the abbreviated tabular form - that it must have been an eventful and very fulfilling life as a scientist. Since the "stages of his life" were compiled by Dr. Ludwig himself, we can assume that these biographical details are also important from his point of view.

Nevertheless, they ultimately say very little about the person and personality of Dr. Ludwig, his life's work that lies behind these "stations", his various roles that he fulfilled beyond the actual role of scientist.

In addition to his role as a natural scientist, this also includes the roles of natural and social philosopher, humanist and enlightener, developer and universally educated person.

Quantum field theory by Burkhard Heim

In one of his most important epistemological contributions – “The extended unified quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim” (1998) – we find a sentence that refers to Dr. Ludwig and his life itself:

  • "Macroscopic causality is created by many individual events. "Self-organization" only appears to occur. In reality, control comes from the G4. This central part of the R12 contains immeasurable intelligence. Many physicists have come to God through their involvement with mathematical physics."

Dr. Ludwig's scientific work is documented in well over 100 German and English-language specialist articles. He was a regular author in numerous specialist journals and wrote several books. For more than two decades, he was a much sought-after speaker at numerous national and international congresses who really had something to say. Over the years, he increasingly led his listeners into a new way of thinking about people and the world, towards the interaction between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The books “SIT – System Information Therapy” (1994) and “Informative Medicine” (1998) are certainly among his most important publications. The same goes for his last book “Water and Homeopathy” (published in 2002), which makes a decisive contribution to the further biophysical understanding of homeopathy.

The three works mentioned as examples provide a good insight into what can be described as the life's work of Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig.

Paradigm shift in medicine

If we want to describe Dr. Ludwig's scientific and practical life's work, we cannot avoid the term "paradigm shift in medicine". With his biophysical findings and his extensive scientific and practical research work, he has paved the way from classical conventional medicine to a medicine that helps people with as few side effects as possible.

He was able to show his listeners and readers the limits of conventional physics with its “mechanistic world view” – like hardly anyone else – and therefore hardly encountered any opposition when he quoted H. PIETSCHMANN, a representative of theoretical physics, in publications, lectures and seminars and at the same time added:

  • "Conventional medicine claims to be scientific, but it uses a science from the 19th century. In this sense, it is really time for universities to finally resolve to overcome their old 19th century thinking."

Merits in science

Dr. Ludwig is one of the few people who have read the work of Burkhard Heim (in succession with W. Dröscher) in its entirety, understood its significance and drawn conclusions from it.

Andreas Resch, whose Innsbruck publishing house publishes the works of Heim and Dröscher, was well aware of Dr. Ludwig's "translatorial merits". In his foreword to Dr. Ludwig's paper on "The extended unified quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim," he writes:

  • "[...] that Heim's publications are almost only understandable to experts and even require special efforts from them. It is all the more gratifying that some experts take the trouble to present one or another aspect of Heim's theory in summary form."

Dr. Ludwig has studied Heim's theory for many years and published a short version of it in various medical conference proceedings, specialist journals and books. When he presented this at medical conferences, there was great interest, especially since the presentation offers a very clear insight into Heim's theory. His explanations with the illustrations provide a broad readership with a very well-founded and clear introduction to the basic principles of Heim's theory.

  • “I am therefore very grateful to Dr. Ludwig… this is about a new way of thinking about the world and humanity.” 

His intellectual preconditions, combined with his own will and his tremendous persistence in solving the most difficult tasks, make Dr. Ludwig a sort of "translator" and "transmission belt" of Heim's theory and thus a very important pioneer from empirical medicine to the foundations of scientifically based complementary medicine.

Without him, Heim's theory would have had difficulty gaining a foothold in medicine. It would have remained virtually unknown and thus meaningless.

Without Ludwig's lectures, without his numerous essays on central themes and concepts of Heim's theory, many lecture-giving physicians who have made topics such as bioresonance, magnetic field therapy and homeopathy their mission would be much poorer in terms of real knowledge. The same applies to the relevant area of device development.

In his foreword to the book “Informative Medicine”, Prof. Popp describes Dr. Ludwig’s entire scientific achievements very aptly:

  • “Wolfgang Ludwig is one of the physicists who have significantly shaped bioinformatics processes in Germany.”

A look at the websites of various manufacturers shows, on the one hand, that Dr. Ludwig is now being used by a large number of manufacturers in his capacity as a biophysicist, although the devices in their function and mode of operation do not in any way correspond to Ludwig's quality characteristics.

On the other hand, there are very few manufacturers who know exactly what fundamental development work Dr. Ludwig has done for which specific therapy areas and who also publicly acknowledge and appreciate this accordingly.

At least one manufacturer and long-time companion of Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Köhler, chairman of the BIT-Ärzte-Gesellschaft and in this context the former company VEGA, for which Dr. Ludwig worked for many years as a consultant and speaker, specifically recognizes the merits of Dr. Ludwig with regard to the biophysical foundation and device development.

Interactions and metaphysics

Dr. Ludwig spent his entire life searching for "interactions" - in the truest sense of the word. As part of his dissertation, he carried out large-scale measurements across Europe from 1963 to 1968, using recording devices to carry out field measurements over months in areas without environmental pollution (the island of Sylt, and later Tenerife) and in large cities. Looking back, he was already searching for truth in the microcosm and macrocosm.

Dr. Ludwig spent his life researching “interactions” in the environment, between humans and the environment, sun and earth, and in the biological system.

With his insights into “interactions” – be it in the “four realms of being, between chaos and order”, or the fact that interaction quanta are superior to matter – he was able to derive criteria for health and disease as well as criteria for the development of biophysical devices.

Dr. Ludwig is one of the scientifically proven biophysicists who made quantum physics findings practically usable for regulatory, bioresonance and magnetic field procedures. He is thus one of the pioneers of a new understanding of medicine.

Through his extensive research and development activities, he has made an outstanding contribution to the paradigm shift in medicine.
Marketing experts have the task of formulating messages. These messages must be understandable for the consumer and lead to instructions for action. The message that Dr. Ludwig repeatedly brought to his readers and listeners was clear and unambiguous:

  • "The old separation between mind and body, subject and object can be overcome with the help of quantum theory. Because if you only take into account the weighable matter, as biochemistry and conventional medicine do, you only grasp a fraction of reality. Only by including quantum field physics can valid statements be made."

To further illustrate this point, Dr. Ludwig used Albert Einstein. This impressive quote had an aha effect on many listeners; it shows that the mathematizability of life has limits and always remains a metaphysical aspect. Einstein once said:

  • "You can't describe a Beethoven symphony just mathematically as a variation of air pressure fluctuations. The symphony is more, that is, it contains metaphysical elements."

Viewed in this way, Dr. Ludwig was a gifted marketing expert. You had to experience it yourself when the audience came to Dr. Ludwig after a lecture and thanked him personally for finally gaining the necessary understanding through his explanations.

The four layers of being

With the help of his sometimes legendary diagrams, which have now been copied thousands of times or can be found in books by other authors without any source being given, Dr. Ludwig has always managed to make highly complicated mathematical theories more understandable. This includes a diagram in particular with which he explained to listeners and readers the four layers of being, each with its own logical structure and hierarchical structure:

Layers of being interact with each other. Therefore, illness can arise and be treated in each of these layers of being.

There are few diagrams that say so much in such a condensed form about the practical benefits of quantum field theory for modern, humane medicine.

It is certainly unusual for an obituary to include a diagram. But what's wrong with that? After all, it is a way of honoring Dr. Ludwig's life's work. It is part of him and has had a strong influence on many doctors and alternative practitioners in their further holistic diagnostic and therapeutic work.

In the most abstract form, this graphic illustrates his lifelong scientific work, the knowledge he was able to gain in the course of his research and development work. Ultimately, it documents that he succeeded in placing empirical medicine on a precise scientific basis.

The diagram symbolizes a large part of Ludwig's life's work:
Vier Seinsschichten Dr. Ludwig

In this way, Dr. Ludwig has impressively demonstrated that life cannot be described or explained using quantitative and mechanistic terms, not using force and matter, not using physics and chemistry alone.

Life is and remains, in its most essential characteristics, metaphysical, metachemical, metamaterial, metaenergetic and metamechanical.

Nevertheless, conventional medicine, with its materialistic worldview of life and life processes, is still relatively uncomprehending of bioenergetic therapy, homeopathy or acupuncture. This is probably mainly due to the fact that, within the framework of its materialistic worldview and the associated scientific concept, it does not (and cannot) succeed in providing explanations for the effects of homeopathy, acupuncture or areas of naturopathy.

Instead, the irreconcilable contradiction is defined as “the problem of the transition from science to esotericism, the transition from rational to irrational approach.”

However, if one tries to describe Dr. Ludwig’s worldview, the pair of terms “post-materialistic” and “holistic” is probably the most appropriate.

With his unceasing efforts to base holistic medicine on Heim's quantum field theory, Dr. Ludwig has made an invaluable contribution to ensuring that holistic medicine does not become a playground for esotericists.

Researchers and enlighteners

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was not one of those “lecture artists.” He had what many “polished speakers” – especially today – completely lack:

He had charisma.

He did not talk about something he did not live, he did not prattle on about this and tomorrow about that. His pace was not set by the spirit of the times, but rather his life's work determined the content and form of his lectures. The listeners recognized that this was someone who had something to say and who knew what he was talking about. The listeners sensed the competence of the speaker and felt his absolute credibility.

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig was both a researcher and an educator. He was selfless and modest when it came to his scientific findings.

Modesty and selflessness are part of the basic beliefs of great people and are not an expression of a lack of social skills, as is sometimes seen today.

AMS GmbH and the Institute for Bioinformatic Medicine, Weikersheim, will continue to work and research in the spirit of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig. His understanding of medicine, which "interacts" between humans and nature and sees itself as serving a creation of humans and animals, will continue to guide us.

Dr. Frank Beck, Peter Holz

Selected publications by Dr. Ludwig

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