In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.

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Our website is divided into three different sections – you will find products and information for:

Private individuals

The focus of this category is on small appliances for home and on the go. Of course, you will also find suitable accessories and other products such as our water treatment device and more.

Therapists (protected content)

The focus of this category is on large devices for the practice, especially our MEDISEND®super series. You will also find devices for copying, digitizing and storing specimens, as well as accessories and more.

Animal therapists (protected content)

Our category for therapists in a veterinary practice differs only slightly from that for human therapists. Basically, the equipment and procedures are the same. However, here and there there are tips or additional parts that are specifically suitable for use on animals.

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Dear website visitors,

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to make all content on this website publicly available:
Specialist information is only available in protected areas of the website. According to Section 11 of the Medicines Advertising Act, it may only be made available to specialist circles.

Specialist groups within the meaning of the law are:

  • Members of the medical profession or the medical industry
  • Facilities serving the health of humans or animals
  • other persons, insofar as they lawfully trade in medicinal products, procedures, treatments, objects or other means or use them in the exercise of their profession

These include, for example:

  • Doctors of every specialty
  • Alternative practitioners (also candidates)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Health Advisor
  • pharmacist
  • Businesspeople in the medical sector
  • etc.

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