In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.


our offer for you

Sometimes it's just like that: the money for the desired purchase cannot be raised in one go.

But don’t worry:
For our large-scale and practice equipment, we offer you a financing model that is individually tailored to your needs.

On the one hand, you can agree on an installment payment with us and it is also possible to conclude a favorable leasing contract with us. AMS GmbH is your direct contractual partner here.

In this way, the AMS is reacting to the financial crisis and the rigid banking policy, which is making it increasingly difficult for doctors and alternative practitioners to finance necessary new creations within a manageable investment framework.


The leasing contract is based on the following conditions:

  • The minimum order value is: 2000,- €
    (Several small devices can therefore also be leased “as a package.”)
  • A down payment of EUR 20% of the purchase price is made (special rental payment).
  • The monthly leasing rate for a 48-month term is currently calculated at an interest rate of 2.31% (as of October 1, 2016). This is of course guaranteed for the entire term. On request, the term can also be agreed for 36, 54 or 60 months with an appropriately adjusted interest rate.
  • If the interest rate level has changed significantly on the day the contract is concluded, the leasing factor will be adjusted accordingly.


Example for calculating a monthly leasing rate:
Assumed purchase price: €4,000

  • Special rental payment upon conclusion of contract: €800
  • Monthly leasing rate (full amortization): 2.3% x 3,200.00 € equals 73.60 €

All prices are plus 19% VAT.

An impeccable credit rating is of course a prerequisite.
At the end of the term, the device can be returned or taken over against payment of a residual value.

There are no hidden costs (such as a one-time processing fee) in a leasing contract between AMS and you.

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