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Replacement filter PURWATER pro

Only available in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

One good news and one bad news...

First the bad news:
Our PURWATER pro, the water treatment device that we have been selling for a long time, is unfortunately no longer available. Its production has been discontinued and we have now sold the last of our devices.

The good news is:
If you own a PURWATER pro device, you don't have to worry about changing the filters throughout its lifetime. The filters are and will remain available. This is because there are other devices besides the PURWATER pro that are equipped with these filters - so the discontinuation of production of the PURWATER pro device has nothing to do with the availability of the filters.

Another piece of good news:
If you don't have a water treatment device yet or would like to recommend one to someone, we already have the right one for you.

With the spring-time®420 pro we have added a new water treatment device to our product range.

After intensive research, we are very happy that we have found a new cooperation partner:
The company aqua living, one of the leading providers of water purification systems, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

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spring-time®420 pro

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