In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.


electromagnetic fields

What exactly are they? And where are they located?

The cosmos, all living organisms, people, animals and plants consist of only a billionth of solid matter, the atomic nuclei and the electrons that surround them. In between there is a large, seemingly "empty" space, which is however filled with electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic fields communicate with each other and with the outside world.


In his standard work “Informative Medicine”, the physicist Dr. W. Ludwig writes:

“Quantum physics has proven that vibrational quanta (interaction quanta, especially photons) are superior to matter and influence it.”

Nobel Prize winner Carlo Rubia (Nobel Prize 1984), Director General of the CERN particle accelerator near Geneva, put it very clearly: "We usually only look at matter because we can see and touch it. Much more important, however, are the interaction quanta that hold matter together and also control it."

Extensive experiments by Prof. FA Popp were able to show that a cell that dies suddenly emits its light and sends the modulated structural information to its neighbors, so that a new cell with the same structure can arise.

Cells communicate via light – this light is called biophotons. The interaction level, i.e. the biophoton level, is superior to matter and controls it – thus all life processes take place via biophotons.

Dr. W. Ludwig

Dr. W. Ludwig (1927 - 2004) strove to use a device to generate electromagnetic waves that the body could understand. They were to be modeled on undisturbed nature. This was the only way they could provoke a reaction in the body. He therefore investigated the physiological environmental signals that surround us (Schumann frequency, geomagnetic and solar frequencies). For his doctoral thesis, he looked at the influence of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system.

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