In order to meet legal requirements, we provide the following information: Magnetic field therapy is scientifically controversial and is not recognized by conventional medicine.
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Small appliances for home use

Are you looking for a small and handy magnetic field device for at home and on the go? Then you have come to the right place. Find your magnetic field device here, your faithful companion at every step.

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If you are already familiar with the use of magnetic field devices and already know which device interests you, simply click on the link that takes you directly to the shop and find your product:

Detailed introduction to the small appliances

Magnetic field devices? How do you actually use them? If you would like to find out more about the use of these small devices, read the detailed introduction.

Magnetic field devices for the home

Magnetic field therapy devices can be used in a variety of situations in everyday life. For example, they can be used to stimulate or relax or to help with concentration difficulties.

With the MEDICUR®pro we also have a “mobile pain therapist”.

You can choose between six different small magnetic field devices for your home use.

Small appliances

We also offer a large appliance for home use – information about this can be found under the menu item “Large appliance”.

Large equipment

Admittedly, at first glance it is not that easy to understand the differences between the individual devices and to find out which one is best suited to your needs.

But don't worry - below you will find some information about the general application of magnetic field therapy with our small devices. You will also find out which general properties apply to all of our devices.

For individual descriptions of each device and to find out exactly how they differ from each other, please read the specific information on the respective product page.

You can find a clear list of the most important features and differences of all small appliances under "Comparison of small appliances". However, you should already have read the specific device descriptions so that the brief statements are easy to understand.

Small appliances in comparison

Just call!

Maybe you want to make things a lot easier for yourself. Please don't be afraid to call us. Tell us why you are interested in a magnetic field device or ask us your questions about the individual devices. We will help you find the device(s) that are suitable for you. You can then read the corresponding product descriptions at your leisure.

We will never contact you unwantedly or pass on your contact details to third parties.

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Use of small appliances

Using magnetic field therapy with our devices is extremely simple. The small devices in particular are very easy to use thanks to the preset and selectable programs.

Simply switch the device on and place it near or directly on your body - and you are immediately in the physiological sphere of influence of the magnetic field emitted by the built-in generator. You cannot see or hear it. Very sensitive people sometimes feel something - but that does not have to be the case. Even if you do not immediately feel the magnetic field of the switched-on device, it still serves its purpose.

Our magnetic field devices generate a pulsating electromagnetic field at different, selectable frequencies. These fields can support your body's ability to regulate itself. You can find out exactly what the usefulness of pulsating electromagnetic fields is in the menu item "Magnetic field therapy and bioinformative medicine".

Magnetic field therapy and bioinformative medicine

Where should the device be worn?

Depending on the size and how convenient it is, you can put any portable device in your trouser or jacket pocket, hang it around your neck with a lanyard, or simply place it next to or on you in bed, on the sofa, or in your favorite armchair. There is no place where the device cannot be used.

It does not matter where exactly the device is placed – the physiological range is large enough for the body.

Which frequency should I choose?

Each device offers a different number of choices for preset programs/frequencies.

There are no indication-related recommendations for the use of the different frequencies - because all frequencies can be suitable for positively influencing the regulation of your body. However, you will find recommendations for using selected programs for different situations. Experience has shown that certain properties can be assigned to certain frequencies. Here are some examples:

  • balancing (7.8 Hz)
  • stimulating (33 / 20 Hz)
  • calming (3.0 / 4.0 Hz)
  • promotes concentration (7.8 / 8.2 Hz)
  • relaxing (3.0 Hz / 1.2 Hz)
  • beneficial for electrosensitivity (1.2 Hz)

Substrate transfer

Can I transfer information from substrates such as homeopathic remedies using the small devices?

Yes. Every electromagnetic wave is capable of transporting and transmitting information.

So that you can take advantage of this feature, each of our small devices has an ampoule holder that you can use optionally. It is always included in the delivery. This gives you the option of attaching an ampoule with the information you want to transmit to the device.

Regardless of which frequency / program of the device you choose:

AMS Metronom solar Ampullenhalter

Each frequency is a carrier wave and can be used for transient response/transmission.

You can read more about the oscillation of substrates and information in the menu item “Substrate transfer”.

Substrate transfer

Features of Dr. Ludwig’s devices

All of our small devices are equipped with the technology developed by Dr. Ludwig.

Dr. Ludwig

It was particularly important to him to create a magnetic field with his devices that was modeled on undisturbed nature – therefore, the following applies to all magnetic field devices developed (further) by Dr. Ludwig and his institute:

  • Generation or possible selection of the main value of the Schumann frequency spectrum (7.8 Hz)
  • Generation of geomagnetic frequencies
  • Generation of solar frequencies (except for the MEDISEND® and the MEDISEND®protect, where the solar frequency generator was not installed due to the size of the housing)

The exact description for Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies can be found in the menu item “Environmental signals”.

Environmental signals

All devices generate a signal whose pulse shape and magnetic field strength are optimally tailored to the body. Read more about this in the menu item “Quality Features”.

Quality features

You can recognize the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig by the arrow symbol.

Arrow symbol

The first device created by Dr. Ludwig was today's MEDISEND® over 40 years ago – of course in a different version at the time.

How and why Dr. Ludwig built his first magnetic field device and how he gradually developed and expanded the different devices can be read in the menu item “History of our devices”.

History of our devices

Our small appliances compared to each other

Tabelle Kleingeräte Eigenschaften
Tabelle Kleingeräte Eigenschaften
Tabelle Kleingeräte Vergleich

Arrow symbol

You can recognize the devices developed by Dr. Ludwig® by the arrow symbol. This symbol stands for the generation of an electromagnetic biofield that is modeled on undisturbed nature.
Pfeilsymbol von Dr. Ludwig


You can download the tables as a PDF document here:

Brochures small appliances

Below you can download all brochures for our small appliances.

In addition to the product details, our brochures have an introductory text about magnetic field therapy and bioresonance in the middle section. For better readability and to be able to print the pages, the brochures are available for download without the inside section.

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